At Discipline Advisors, Inc. we take a comprehensive approach to estate planning and the management of our clients’ wealth. We start by ensuring our clients have proper trusts and documents in place.

“We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve peace of mind – and a common goal – that when their children receive their inheritance, they will perceive their gift as inheriting a legacy, not winning the lottery.” – Joe Michaletz

We strive to help our clients transfer their values, along with their wealth, to the next generation. We spend the time necessary to educate, explain and help our clients identify their vision, mission, values and goals. We then work with a team, including CPAs and estate tax attorneys, to customize proper estate planning documents to accomplish their goals. At Discipline Advisors, Inc. it is our passion to see our clients transfer their wealth with clarity, with purpose, while minimizing taxes and estate settlement costs.


Most retirees draw income out of their portfolios, simultaneously pulling from equities as well as fixed income positions. Yet in a down market, a greater number of equity shares must be sold to achieve the same amount of monthly income. A share that no longer exists in your portfolio never has the ability to regain value once the market rebounds. Few retirees realize that those additional shares sold permanently reduce the average rate of return of the portfolio.

This is because the income withdrawal phase of a portfolio must be managed differently than the accumulation phase. During the accumulation phase, the order in which you receive particular year-to-year returns has no impact on the resulting growth. However, during the income withdrawal phase, the order in which you achieve particular returns – say 5% one year and 12% the next, or vice versa – can substantially affect your principal.

Our TRIPLE DISCIPLINE INVESTMENT SYSTEM allows us to significantly and strategically reduce the number of equity shares sold to help produce retirement cash flow. As a result, we add to the long-term growth potential of your portfolio while maximizing the amount of potential income you can withdraw.